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Miles Colling – Founder

Miles Colling became famous even before Castlemaine Independent went live. His expertise in developing various platforms and ecosystems has been unmatchable for quite a while now.

Castlemaine Independent was born on one such binge of Miles Colling where he was testing a new way of building a platform that was for the first time consumer-oriented and completely clutter-free.

His investors were sceptical initially but once the user responses came in overwhelmingly positive, he had full support to play around and build it further in his own style.

Having a rich eight year long experience of working in Silicon Valley, he was a quite seasoned entrepreneur when he started working on Castlemaine Independent , though he was only 30 years old. He now looks forward to plugging in more and more features that integrate well with the overall platform and enable the readers to get more out of Castlemaine Independent

Adelaide Pearce – Writer

Adelaide Pearce is the face of technology when it comes to modern-day experts from this field. His experience of seven years and his work as a senior researcher helped him rise ranks quite rapidly in this tech world.

When she graduated, Adelaide had no clue that she would end up becoming the star of the tech world. Her writing Has been quite natural and captivating in all these years. She has been able to capture the imagination of the readers who might know that right before. Her writing alone has managed to secure a substantial amount of funding for the website in the past.

Adelaide has a team that has been carefully curated by herself. She feels energized when interacting with her fellow writers and coming up with ideas that challenge the norms of the writing field.

For Web 3.0, she is excited to hire even younger candidates and work with them to prepare their platform for the future. She really believes there is a lot of scope not only for technology but even for writers like herself in the next stage of this internet revolution.