Twitch: Amouranth fears for her life, due to a stalker who is haunting her

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth‘Siragusa, the first streamer of Twitchhe said he feared for his life, because of one stalker that is haunting her. The man would come from Estonia and would have traveled to the city where Amouranth lives only to find her.

A recent photo of Amouranth posted on Twitter

This isn’t the first time a Twitch streamer has come under the attention of a stalker. Unfortunately, it is a situation more than what one might think. Amouranth herself has never made a secret of having met her on her way with disturbing fans, who have made absurd requests.

So this is just yet another stalker who is threatening her and who has taken action to locate her home. In this case, however, the situation appears to be particularly alarming. Siragusa talked about it in a series of tweets, published in the last few hours, in which he said that the man seems to have sold all his possessions to be able to pay for the trip from Estonia: “Watch my streams all day and imitate badly everything I do. “

Apparently the persecution started on May 8 and the man is said to be a streamer himself. Amouranth’s story is truly disturbing: “he does bad ASMR, he takes showers when I’m in the jacuzzi.” However she is the girl she prefers that her streams remain active, so that she can control it.

What makes him particularly dangerous is the fact that he has sold everything he owns. Having no escape route, when he runs out of money he could do some crazy act.

It should be noted that the man has already reached Amouranth’s front door several times, as demonstrated by the photos taken by the cameras installed by security.

In the meantime, the police have been notified and have started patrolling the hotel where the man lives, but of course there is nothing they can do if no crimes are committed. Not even the fact that the guy titles her streams “Find Kaitlyn and make her mine” is sadly a crime, though it makes the whole situation even more disturbing.