Unreal could be the next remastered game from Nightdive Studios

NightDive Studio he would remaster the first Unreal as his next project. To say it was the CEO of the company, Stephen Kick, who talked about it on Twitter with players who wondered why there were no games in the Unreal series made with the new versions of the Unreal Engine.

Kick also revealed some details about the project. Meanwhile, it seems that the car is already in motion, in the sense that NightDive asked Cliff Blezinskyone of the developers of Unreal, long out of Epic Games, to intercede at Epic Games, more precisely with the head of the company, Tim Sweeney, in order to start working on the game.

Kick also asked his social followers to text Sweeney to get him to accept. Evidently there is a bit of reluctance to grant the remastering of the game that in fact launched Epic Games in the Olympus of the great world development teams, at the time in direct competition with ID Software and 3D Realms.

After all, NightDive Studios is the right software house to deal with such a job, given the experience made with remasters. In particular, he recently made that of Quake, which was received in a more than positive way by the community.

What to add? We hope that the project goes through, because Unreal is one of those games that really deserves to be remastered. It would be nice to see the game with which the Unreal Engine was born take advantage of, even if minimally, theUnreal Engine 5.