Vampire Survivors: Update 0.7 adds a new stage

Vampire Survivors is about to be updated to version 0.7version in which a new stage. The patch is expected to be released on June 9, just in time for the Summer game Fest. We will likely see the game in some of the scheduled events.

In addition to the stage 5Update 0.7 should introduce new upgrades, a new weapon and its evolution.

If the new content is safe, its form is still vague. What do you mean? The preliminary release note, posted on the game’s Discord channel, doesn’t go into detail in any way. There is talk of the biggest and craziest patch in the game, but nothing else is explained. In short, you have to wait to find out all about the content the developer has worked on Poncle (who we remember being Italian, for living in the UK).

Of the new weapon it is said that it will be able to destroy a swarm of angry cats, while it seems that the event linked to the lunar eclipse, which was so much liked with the latest update, will return. In short, fans of Vampire Survivors can look forward to June 9, because there will be bread for their teeth, in the form of many new enemies.