Xbox & Bethesda Showcase: Microsoft will focus on video gameplay, according to Jeff Grubb

L’Xbox & Bethesda Game Showcase is almost upon us, but there is still no precise information on the contents of the event, so we rely on rumors for some ideas: according to the usual journalist / insider Jeff Grubbhowever, what we can expect is a little bit of gameplay for the new games coming, as Microsoft seems to want to bet on these.

We take this as a mere rumor, but within Jeff Grubb’s usual container of rumors and assumptions, the “Grubbsnax” inside Giant Bomb, the Venture Beat reporter reported that Microsoft would have specifically requested teams to prepare real gameplay to show at the event.

According to reports from Grubb, this would be a response to the criticisms received previously from Microsoft, which has often shown teaser trailer and video in computer graphics to announce projects that are still far away, without actually showing actual game elements.

According to Grubb, there would therefore be the desire to reverse the trend and try to show as much gameplay as possible on the occasion of the presentation event on 12 June 2022, with real insights into the game perhaps on titles already announced and perhaps closer to completion. The reporter specifically reported Avowed by Obsidian and possibly Contraband by Avalanche among the possible candidates to be shown in action, although there is absolute uncertainty, at the moment, about the contents of the show.